Pamela Francis Erhardt

Pamela Erhardt is a North American based artist, currently living in Colorado, who has exhibited her artwork throughout the United States. While living abroad her work has also been shown in Florence, Italy and recently in Bristol, UK. Pamela received her MFA in Painting from Stephen F. Austin State University in 2014 and her BFA in Painting in 2010 from Ursuline College in Ohio. 

Pamela paints emotion in a conceptual language. She creates paintings that embody universally recognized feelings while unearthing personally significant elements of her current place in time and space. 

Pamela's artwork collectively functions as a memory-map. The circle, one of the reoccurring themes in her work, represents a clock and a compass, which corresponds in function to mapping time and space. Pamela's collective body of work maps her physical and emotional existence in time and space.